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VinPilot Tank Temperature Controllers

VinPilot-One is the new generation of fermentation control systems and belongs to WFT’s product line, which is operated without PC connection.

High quality control units, easy to install and flexible to use, along with an interesting quality price ratio are their main benefits. The VinPilot One units come with a 5 year warranty as proof of their quality European manufacture.

The VinPilot-One Flex model comes with a fixed 150mm stainless steel probe and is simply plugged into the tank’s thermowell.

VinPilot One is equipped with two command exits. One relay output is for cooling and the other one for the heating valve.

On the keyboard you set the target temperature and choose between cooling, heating or automatic mode. A clearly visible and easy to set display permanently informs you about the current status ofyour unit.

A long lifetime of your VinPilot-One control system is guaranteed by its IP67 waterproof housing.

The VinPilot-One Flex is available in different configurations.

Depending on the type of thermowell on your tank you may choose between two different adapters on the unit to be mounted on the tank. The VinPilot One Flex-J comes with an additional reinforcement on the probe to jam it directly into the thermowell with a screw.

The VinPilot One Flex-SI is equipped with the WFT snap in system.

Different counterpart types for nearly all kinds of thermowell connections are available.

The unit comes with a 6m-system cable. Longer system cables and different positions for the cable inlet are available.

The VinPilot-One regulation unit is very easy to install. One cable coming from a 24V transformer is connected to the junction boxes. The cables from the valves, as well as the cable from the control unit are wired in the junction box.

By installing the new “VinPilot-Valve Pro” motorized ball valves with an extra relay signal, you can also control automatically your cooling and heating pumps.

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