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VinPilot Valve Pro

The Best fermentation control system is only as valuable as the valve it controls. In order to ensure perfect functionality, WFT paid particular attention to this subject. The result is the novel motorized ball valve, VinPilot® Valve Pro.

The advantages of motor ball valves over previously common solenoid valves have been known for quite some time:

  • No outages due to lime scale buildup or tiny particles of dirt
  • Slow opening and closing avoids pressure shocks
  • Should it become necessary, the motor may also be removed to allow for manual opening of the valve

Up until now, the advantages were compromised by large differences in price. Meanwhile, as a result WFT’s worldwide operation, they have succeeded in increasing production quantity to offer you a European high-quality product at a price, which makes it easier for the customer to invest.

However, VinPilot®Valve Pro also stands out due to its robust construction. After all, IP67 means that it will withstand cleaning via a high pressure cleaner without a problem.

The strong 24V actuator has reach of 14Nm.

The LED light on the top of the housing shows you the valve position.

The additional relay contact output is helpful when you want to realize a system pump control for the cold or warm water supply.

The valve body is brass nickel plated, adequate for a nominal pressure of 25bar.

WFT deliver the motor with an already mounted 8metre cable.

The valve comes with a male/female connection.

The VinPilot valve is usable for liquids with temperatures between -10 and +120°C.

The VinPilot Valve Pro are available in ½, ¾, 1 and 1¼ inch sizes. 

WFT are so convinced of its quality and reliability, they are happy to offer a warranty of five years on their motor ball valves.