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VinPilot Micro-Macro Oxygenation

Micro- und Macro oxygenation
...for a perfect complex of colour and tanning agent

Micro-macro oxygenation is one of the most interesting developments of modern oenology. The term means a smoothly regulated addition of pure oxygen to must or wine.

The macro oxygenation supports the growth of yeast and the stabilization of the colour (by binding of anthocycanes to polyphenoles). At the micro oxidation, which in contrary to the
macro oxygenation is only used for wine, considerably fewer amounts of oxygen dosages are applied over a longer time period.

In addition to the stabilization of the colour, the wines become well-balanced due to the polymerization of phenols. The wines can be drunk earlier and as the tannin is not removed, this
action does not affect shelf life.


Our system works with one dosage station for a group of tanks. VinPilot®Manager provides the tanks in several rounds one by one with small - “in mole-range”- dosages. This is repeated until the calculated daily dosage is reached.
The investment costs are strongly reduced by our procedure and therefore this interesting technology is accessible for a higher number of wine growers.


The O2 valves are mounted at the tanks in a serial connection
with a dosage station. The assigned VinPilot®Controller releases
a mini-dosages, calculated by the software, into the tank.
A pressure controller takes care of the right size of bubbles.