Tank Temperature Controllers & Automation

WFT for more than 15 years has been specializing in cooling, temperature and fermentation control exclusively for wineries. Thanks to cutting-edge technology and design, the VinPilot® series fulfill all requirements not only for temperature control, but also pump-over, submersion, micro/macro oxygenation, CO2 monitoring in the winery etc.

Advanced software allows several users to manage all winemaking steps from their PC, notebook or iPad/iPhone. On request, data can be exported to an existing SCADA-system. Temperatures are visible and programmable also independently on every tank in the winery which makes VinPilot® a highly comfortable and safe choice.

VinPilot® control systems have become the preferred choice in leading wineries in Central Europe and is appreciated in wine producing countries like Italy, France, North and South America or South Africa. 

Download WFT's latest pdf brochure: WFT_Folder_FermentationControl_GB_web2.pdf WFT_Folder_FermentationControl_GB_web2.pdf (2.44 MB)

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