Pomme Fruit equipment (apples, pears)

The Sraml processing line is used for the processing of pome fruit (which encompasses apples, pears, quince and kiwi fruit) to achieve juices which can be the final product or be used to produce cider. The elaborated line consists of designated units that can achieve a semi-finished or final juice product depending on the requirements of the site.

A typical Sraml processing line can comprise all or some of:

  • Bin Tipper to unload the fruit bins
  • Washer to clean the fruit
  • Sorting Conveyor to transport the fruit from the washer into the mil
  • Mill to slice/crush the fruit into a mash
  • Pump to transport the mash into the belt or pneumatic press
  • Belt or Pneumatic Press
  • Filter to remove solids from the pressed juice
  • Pasteuriser for those sites producing a final juice product
  • Bottle Filler or Bag In Box Filler to achieve final packaged product.


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