WFT ProChill

Temperature Management for your cellar

With 20 years of experience in wine technology and temperature management, WFT is able to propose cooling units, cellar temperature – humidity controller and heat exchangers specially designed to fulfil the demands of wine – juice production and gives the tools to manage the temperature of the tanks in the cellar.

Top refrigeration technology combined with our many years of experience in wine cellars led to WFT build their new coolers: the VinCool and ProChill. These coolers were specially created for winemakers and offers a resilient, compact and quiet design.

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Key Products:

the VinCool, a resilient, compact and quiet cooler designed specially to answer the wine sector needs. The VinCool series can also be equipped with an electric heater or a heat pump function in option. Every part in contact with water is properly isolated and made of stainless components.

The ProChill® series is constituted of efficient water coolers and heat pumps specially designed and developed to meet the constraints of the beverage industry. They are ideal for wineries, breweries and distilleries. One of the features of the ProChill® series is the installation of the fan speed control which guarantees optimal performance in all operating conditions and reduces running noise.

Integrated buffer tanks to ensure optimum cooling distribution and to keep the switching frequency of the compressor low. WFT have developed a hydraulic tank with attention to every detail: a large stainless steel buffer tank, circulating pumps, level monitoring and an automatic bypass valve.

WFT have added complete air conditioning solutions to their product catalogue, for a guaranteed cellar climate control in the winery.

  • Ensure temperature management in your cellar with the AirCool system.
  • Reduced losses to evaporation with our humidification system, the VinPilot® DryFog.
  • the VinPilot® Secure monitors CO2 concentration in your cellar and helps you limit risks for you and your employees.

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