Micro Brewery Systems

SIMATEC Impiantibirra is a reference point in the brewery construction sector, for both Italy and abroad with ten years of experience collaborating with some of the best master brewers and thus gaining comprehensive knowledge for their innovative brew house designs and installations.

Since 2004, SIMATEC has also been a craft beer producer with its brewery SorA’laMA’ producing 4000Hl annually, using top and bottom fermentation, bottle and tank conditioned, marketing in Italy and abroad.

The SIMATEC Modular Brew Kettle/Whirlpool, thanks to innovative patented technology, have been favoured by both learner brewers and some of the best multiple awarded producers! The important features are:
• Modular and automated.                                           • Very low oxidation while the product is hot for superior quality;
• Rapid filtering with definite times and high yields.       • Rapid cleaning with minimal chemical use.                

The company’s flagship is the service offered to the client. Apart from the assistance in design, measurements, initial testing and training; SIMATEC can also guide you through its own brewery ( www.soralama.it).

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