Stone Fruit equipment

The Niko processing line is used for the processing of stone fruit (which encompasses peaches, apricots, prunes and cherries) to achieve juices, purees or concentrates. These products can be converted into fruit wines or ciders at a later date. The elaborated line consists of designated units that can achieve a semi-finished or final juice product depending on the requirements of the site.

The Niko Stone Fruit processing line comprises:

  • Bin Tipper to unload the fruit bins
  • Washer to clean the fruit
  • Sorting Conveyor to transport the fruit from the washer into the destoner
  • Destoning machine to remove the stones
  • Screw Conveyor to transport the fruit stones to the cleaner
  • Stone Cleaner
  • Pump to transport the destoned mash into the pulp machine
  • Pulp Machine
  • Filter to remove solids from the puree
  • DeAerator is used for the removal of air bubbles from the puree
  • Bottle Filler 

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