Presses & Drainers

Since 1918 the name WILLMES has stood for the highest quality in German manufactured agricultural machinery and wine presses. They have been at the fore front of grape press design for over 100 years as evidenced by their history:

1951 – WILLMES invents the first pneumatic press in the world
1974 – WILLMES invents the Tankpress
1984 – WILLMES presents the first press with vertical juice channels: WUP 
2004 – WILLMES develops vertical flexible juice channels – FLEXIDRAIN in their Sigma range

Since 1984 WILLMES have been the champion of Double membrane press technology:

In contrast to a half-sided membrane, the double-sided membrane has a substantially larger (double) area of pressure application. In terms of physics, this means less pressure expenditure and less compression of the grape material at the same force, acting uniformly from all sides.

Furthrmore having the vertical screens in the centre, the juice has less distance to reach them and therefore drainage occurs quicker and in greater volumes especially in the filling and first pressing phases.

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